Sinan Varol

B.Sc. Business Informatics (RWU Ravensburg-Weingarten University of Applied Sciences)

Former Project Development Associate


Sinan Varol was from April until the end of September 2020 Project Manager within the Associate-Leadership-Programme On Purpose in the field of Mobility with Renewable Energy.

In his career he has been working in different positions with exciting teams which gave him deep insights about processes of Marketing, Controlling, Product, Buying, Business Intelligence and IT. Serving as the interface of departments he learned to analyse the value chain of companies and to derive recommendations for their business models.

He has worked for companys like Planet Sports, Pro7Sat1 and the Jochen Schweizer MyDays Group as a Marketing & Web Analyst where he gained knowledge about marketing and sales strategy. He was also responsible for data acquisition, data consolidation and for analysis and using data to develop business purposes.

Besides he is interested in Music Production, Hiking, Snowboarding, Philosophy, Psychology and all companys, organistions and activities which help to reduce the Carbondioxide emissions.