Off-Grid Systems

In the Research Unit Off-Grid Systems, we develop electrification strategies based on renewable energy for developing regions. More precisely, we optimize hybrid mini-grids using simulation models and geo-information systems (GIS).

More than 1.3 billion people worldwide live without access to reliable and affordable electricity. One solution for electrification are decentralized energy systems that make use of local renewable resources. With our research, we want to contribute to the disclosure of the economic and ecological potential of renewable energy in developing regions. Many technologies are already cheaper today than conventional energy sources and additionally reduce local and global emissions.

Our interdisciplinary and international team works partly with in-house energy simulation models, partly with database analyses and GIS programs. In addition, we conduct field studies on social, demographic, and economic conditions in a region. In this way, we can assess the business environment in order to propose both ecologically and financially sustainable solutions for local power supply.

Our research focuses on

Off-Grid Systems

Energy System Analysis and Mini-Grids

  • Studies on energy demand
  • Modeling of decentralized mini-grids
  • Operation strategies
Off-Grid Systems

Market Potential Studies

  • Feasibility studies
  • Sustainable business models
  • Electrification pathways with renewable energy
Off-Grid Systems

Socio-Economic Field Studies

  • Collection of socio-economic data
  • Determination of preferences for energy services
  • Comparison of energy access options
Off-Grid Systems

GIS Analyses

  • Data collection
  • Analysis of on- and off-grid electrification options
  • Development of open-source GIS tools