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30. November 2020
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1. December 2020

Roadmap for the Integration of Sustainable Energy and Transport in Small Islands (Ochs et al. 2020)

Alexander Ochs, Apostolis Valassas, Philipp Blechinger, Angela Enriquez, Nikola Medimorec, and Tobias Rieper

Abstract — The overall aim of this report is to highlight the economic, social and environmental benefits that energy and sector-coupling and a transition towards EV- and RE-based, efficient systems can create in APEC islands. This roadmap presents worldwide technology trends and how they play out in small islands. Additionally, tools such as Avoid-Shift-Improve and its use in Sustainable Mobility Plan for Islands will help to define the role of EVs within a broad set of sustainable transport options. A second tool, ‘multi criteria decision making’ (MCDM) allows for the evaluation of different scenarios in the concrete setting of an island, and the roadmap discusses this tool using an fictitious island as an example.

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Paper published for: APEC Energy Working Group.
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