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9. January 2020
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14. January 2020

RLS Graduate School has taken up its work

09.01.2020 | The RLS Graduate School has taken up its work at the RLI. For four years, the team will research questions related to the energy system transition. Four grants were awarded by the Reiner Lemoine Foundation. Marlin Arnz, Anya Heider, Alexandra Krumm and Ricardo Reibsch were selected as doctoral candidates. Philipp Blechinger is head of the graduate school.

The RLS Graduate School was founded to better understand systemic obstacles to the energy transition and to research specific solutions in order to make an energy system with 100 % renewable energy possible. It works in a practice- and application-oriented manner and is supported by a network of experts.

Research Topics

Alexandra Krumm works on her research in cooperation with the Technical University of Berlin (Department of Economic and Infrastructure Policy) and deals with socio-economic issues of the energy system transition. This includes aspects of the design of a socially just energy system transition, the role of various actors in the transformation process and – in the context of a “just transition” – a labor market analysis in the renewable energy sector.

Anya Heider writes her thesis in cooperation with the Power Systems Laboratory at ETH Zurich. Her research deals with a holistic flexibility analysis of the German energy system. For this purpose, the flexibility potential of the current and future system will be determined with an as holistic as possible open source model. In the second step, the results are used to evaluate the effectiveness of various market designs regarding their incentives for the use flexibilities.

Marlin Arnz conducts his research in cooperation with the Technical University Berlin (TU Berlin). He investigates the transformation of the transport sector and pays particular attention to the role of rail transport in future mobility scenarios with the background of 100 % renewable energy.

Ricardo Reibsch writes his dissertation in cooperation with the Technical University Berlin (TU Berlin) and focuses on the role of decentralized battery systems in electrical grids.

Further information on the RLS graduate school can also be found on the website of the Reiner Lemoine Foundation.

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