Kilian Helfenbein

M.Sc. Renewable Energy Systems (HTW Berlin)

+49 (0)30 1208 434 71



Kilian Helfenbein has been a researcher in the Research Unit Transformation of Energy Systems at RLI since April 2021. Previously, he was a student assistant in the same Research Unit since August 2020.

He studied in the master's degree program Renewable Energy Systems at the Berlin University of Applied Sciences and was writing his thesis in the open_BEA project, in which he was investigating the effects of the increasing penetration of private transport with electric vehicles on medium and low voltage networks. The focus of his work lied on the influence of different charging strategies of electric vehicles on the required grid expansion as well as on the optimization of the smart charging of electric vehicles.

Kilian holds a bachelor's degree in Renewable Energy Systems from the Berlin University of Applied Sciences. He wrote his bachelor’s thesis at the sonnen GmbH and investigated the quality of the operating reserve of a virtual battery power plant.