09.04. | Online-Conference “ENERDAY 2021”
9. April 2021
15.04. | DGS project management meeting
15. April 2021

13.04. | Online-Seminar “E-Mobility in cities – real life implementation”

13. April 2021

Norman Pieniak, Head of the RLI Research Unit Mobility with Renewable Energy, and Alexander Windt, researcher in the same Research Unit, will give a webinar as guest lecturers in the international master’s program Sustainable Mobility Management (MBA) of the GKmE-TU-Campus EUREF of the Technical University of Berlin in the summer semester 2021. The webinar will be on the topic of “E-Mobility in cities – real life implementations”. Based on findings from application-oriented RLI projects in Berlin, the two will show approaches to solutions for an accelerated transport transition in cities. The focus will be on the questions “What role does e-mobility play in cities?” and “What challenges are associated with it for integration into the power grid and for rapid implementation to achieve the climate targets?”

Further information on the Sustainability Mobility Management MBA on the website of TU Berlin


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