Symposium Strommarkt der Zukunft
21. März 2017
RLI auf der IRES 2017
22. März 2017

Economic and environmental cost of self-sufficiency-analysis of an urban micro grid (Wanitschke et al. 2017)

Alexander Wanitschke, Norman Pieniak, Florian Schaller

In this paper, we analyze the economic feasibility as well as the environmental ramifications of operating a renewable energy based micro grid for achieving ultimate self-sufficiency. Results show that ultimate self-sufficiency is neither economically feasible nor environmentally viable due to large overcapacities in storage and generation. Based on the results we motivate the thesis that economic viability as well as ecological effectiveness of a local micro grid can only be achieved by an optimized combination of storing, curtailing and feeding-in of excess renewable power, all of which should be considered in a new reform of the German Renewable Energy Act (EEG).


Beitrag auf der International Renewable Energy Storage Conference (IRES 2017)
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