6. November 2017
StEmp-Tools for greater participation in the Energy Transition
8. November 2017
6. November 2017
StEmp-Tools for greater participation in the Energy Transition
8. November 2017

Municipal E-mobility Scheme for Detmold

Analysis of potential for trendsetting usage of e-mobility for the public authorities of the city of Detmold

Project duration: 01.10.2017 – 31.12.2018

RLI is developing an e-mobility plan for the city of Detmold. A realistic potential for e-mobility is to be determined for the city’s public authorities. As a consequence, a path will be identified to make the potential accessible.

Our guiding questions are: Which synergies are created by a shared e-fleet? How can shared use be organized?

In the first step, the mobility needs of the authorities will be determined by analyzing vehicle logs, other modes of transportation will be compared and charging infrastructure will be planned. In order to optimize costs, a plan for multi-use of vehicles, including car-sharing and private use of city cars for employees, will be drafted. The idea is that the transition of city service vehicles to electric drives and the development of a corresponding charging infrastructure will be an incentive to private users, overall increasing the number of electric vehicles in Detmold.
  1. Moderating workshops with local authorities
  2. Analysis of the overall mobility needs of the authorities
    • Analysis of vehicle logs for city vehicles and private vehicles of employees used for work purposes
    • Analysis of possibilities of electrification and traffic shift to other modes of transport
  3. Residential and accessibility analysis
    • Analysis of commute of city authority staff members
    • Comparison of means of transport with regard to duration, cost, and emissions
  4. Analysis of e-mobility potential for business trips
  5. Design of a scheme for the distribution of charging stations among city facilities
    • Incorporation of vehicle fleets and private vehicles of staff members as well as external guests with regard to location, charging capacity, and number of charging stations
  6. Participatory development of ideas with regard to the use of fleet vehicles outside of working hours in order to improve capacity and thus economic efficiency and environmental friendliness
  7. Development of mobility schemes for the participating public authorities with concrete recommended actions
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Stadt Detmold


The current project Municipal E-mobility Scheme for Detmold is funded through the funding directive on charging infrastructure for electric vehicles by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure with a funding rate of 80 percent. The transposition of the funding directive is coordinated by NOW National Organisation Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology.


Norman Pieniak

Project manager

Oliver Arnhold

Unit Head

Olaf Bernicke


Carolin Daam

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